• Of course not. He can't pick up a knife, for one thing, and when he talks to people about you, they don't understand him. Plus he knows who feeds him; he's not stupid.
  • Because dogs know they are smarted that we are. And that without them, we would probably run out into traffic and get hit by a car.
  • It was once said that 'A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himsself'.....
  • Well, dogs have a mind that they are loyal to those who show them loyalty, love, and gives them food...they don't judge like many people do and aren't capable of many reasoning skills...
  • Yea, but I noticed your dog's been seen talking w the yorkshire terrier next door, they are definately plotting against you. If your smart you'd make sure your t-bones are still in the fridge. ;) jk
  • Because you feed it and they now rely on you for food? Seriously... If someone was willing to feed me 24/7 to such an extent I no longer had to go outside and kill something whenever I was hungry I would be pretty darn loyal too.
  • I always say that if humans were like dogs, this world would be so criticizing each arguing. My dog is loyal in that he is ALWAYS there for me no matter what.. I can get mad and yell at him and he is still there for me and loves me. When I am sick or depressed he knows and he will get in my lap and NEVER move. I have never had a "friend" who has been willing to "hang around" when I am sick or depressed.. They seem to always be too busy to care.. pets are not that way. No matter what, my dog treats me like a queen all the time.

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