• that way you put good protection on you system and you make sure that all sites the you access have the proper protection on them before you access them. I haven't written a check in over 2 yrs except to pull cash at the bank. You think about it, people can look over your should in the store and get your information, off checks or when you send them though the mail they can get stolen or somebody on the other end can copy that information Folks who use debit cards have had the pin# stolen from someone looking over there shoulder. I always use mine on credit instead and no fee this way too. A person in the world just has to take precaution in what they do, but I find paying online safe and always print out your confirmation of payment in the end as you proof and staple to statement.
  • Any website that accepts payment should be well protected but if you have concerns, you can either open a PayPal account (which is fireproof) and make all payments thru them or you can open up an online account with your own bank and pay your bills thru their website; those too are security tight
  • It is very safe, as long as both your bank and whoever your paying your bills to are trusted. In fact many companies and banks will offer incentives for switching to paperless solutions, such as online statements and bill paying.
  • Yes, it is safe to pay bills online, but you have to make sure you follow the instructions for a secure account.

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