• Yes it's too young. 27 is better. Enjoy the next ten years and don't waste it tied to a hometown sweetie.
  • i'm college and engaged..we were together since high 17-18 i was a little unsure about he was about me..and we went through rough patches..a lot actually..but we stuck it out and we're engaged will start thinking differently once your in college..and you will meet a ton of new people..just be sure to be able to stay faithful and keep if fresh with him..never boring
  • Yes you should wait. Why don't you just be engaged but put off the wedding until after college? That way you can stay committed to one another but still have room to wiggle if your feelings change!
  • thats something you and your fionce(sp?) should talk about
  • Are you ready to fully submit yourself and to obey your husband by taking these vows literally? Bride - "I will love, serve, and obey you as long as we both are alive. . wife must submit herself unto her own husband as unto the Lord. For as Christ is Head of His Church so is the husband head of his wife." If you are willing to obey and serve him, then go for it!
  • I don't think it's too young to get engaged, but it is a bit young to get married. If you really think he's the one, then it's worth waiting until after college to get married. If it's meant to be, you will still be together and have experienced life a little more.
  • I think it's too young. Did he propose with a ring? What are you going to do for college if you go to different ones (and at different states)? You guys are too young to know what you truly want from life, and thus, don't know if those plans coincide. Wait at least 2 more years...
  • I would. Not that you two aren't in love, but you never know what life is going to bring. I dated someone for 5 years through highschool and after. He was a year older and had wanted to purpose to me my senior year and basically asked what I would say to the idea if he did. I told him we were young and we should experience life and college, and its not that we cant be together but those life happenings can always take place later. You dont want to get yourself into a mess is all Im thinking you should consider. Stay engaged, spend time, love eachother...but wait, and plan a beautiful wedding together that can happen when you are both more experienced and settled with life. Im almost 25 and not married. Nor am I with the bf I was speaking of, and, so, that worked out to be better waiting. We are still great friends but Im glad for my decisions and I wish you both the best and careful thought but much love!
  • It isn't too young of the two of you are going to stay married no matter what. If you are going to stay married “except if” then forget it.
  • The fact that you are asking this question speaks for itself (Meaning: You are not ready, and yes it's too early)
  • Maybe your not too young to get enganged, but I would wait until maype your 20 to get married. Then you'll know your boyfriend really well so that you can make the right decision instead of rushing into it.
  • Every person and relationship is different, but I would say that it is too young to get married. There is a lot of growing left to do, and a lot of life to experience. In my case 24 was too young.
  • It's not too young for an engagement, HOWEVER, I think in this case a long engagement is in order. DO NOT GET PREGNANT. Chances are this engagement won't last long enough to see a marriage. Don't get me wrong. I wish you the best and hope you two are in love forever and ever, but the odds are against it.
  • Yes, yes, and yes. I don't have any feelings about young couples living together until they are mature, but having done what you are thinking about doing before I knew anything about the world, and having had 2 babies too young, DON'T DO THAT! It isn't fair to the kids to have a mom who is a kid herself.
  • yes for whatever that is worth, most 18 yr olds do whatever they want anyway, but take it from someone that married at 18 had two kids and then divorced 7 yrs later with two small children to take care of for the rest of life and I am tied to their father for the rest of my life as well. So you should wait wait wait.
  • If you are absolutely sure that you have found the person you will spend your life with, and you have discussed your future and goals and family life together, then I don't see why you shouldn't get engaged and promise to marry each other. But engagements are serious, it's like making that commitment already to be with them forever. MY husband and I exchanged friendship rings when I was 16 and I was 17 when engaged and married at 18. We've been married for over 35 years. I don't regret waiting until I was 18 at all. It did help that he was older than I was, by 4 1/2 years. So he had already started working and had a home and such. But we had talked about everything that might come up and how we wanted to live our lives ahead of time so we were very ready to get married.
  • its not too young!! engadgement can easily be chanced. you just simplly take the ring off, you will just feel more passion for eachother everytime you hear the word "fiancee"
  • Yes. Wait, let me revise that: Hell yes.
  • yes its very nice to get married inthis age. ilove a girl of 15 years and iam going to marry her very soon byby maher.
  • In my opinion, it is better to be done with your education before getting married.
  • well i thing you should definaly not have a kid until after collage it takes the fun out of being young and as for getting maryed well deep down inside are you sure you want to be with him
  • My wife and i got married at 18, and we've been together for 23 years. It's hard and i recommend that you continue your education. It sucks being broke all the time and will lead to many many hours of fighting if you don't get a degree. IMHO
  • Make it a long engagement and get your education first..That is important, you have the rest of your life to be married..If you were my kid, I would beg you to wait a few years :)
  • YES, in my opinion, you are WAY too young. Get your education and learn to be on your own first. Experience life a bit before you commit yourself to one person. Statistically, the VAST majority of those who marry at your age end up in a divorce. Should you have children as well, before you have a career and some financial stability, well then, you will most likely end up divorced AND poor. (Unless you come from an affluent family).
  • Only you know what is right for you, but I'd like to share my experience with you. I was 19 when I married my husband. Even though I was (and still am) happily married, I often felt like I cheated myself out of great experiences. I never lived with a roommate in a college dorm, I never lived on my own proving to myself that I could take care of myself. If I could do it over, I would still marry the same person, but I would wait until I was at least 23 or 24 and give myself a chance to experience life as a single adult. +5

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