• It could be one of two things- You probably did something to him unknowingly that offended him and he is not over it or does not want to deal with the situation right now.. OR You will find that as people grow up, and move on to new things and new experiences, we start to grow apart from one and other. Sometimes that means running out of commonality and things to talk about. I have some friends that I talk to on a daily basis because I either work with them or have some activity in common on a regular basis, where as I have other friends I only talk to every 4 to 6 months or so just to catch up with whats new and to laugh about old times. And then it could very well be nothing in particular... maybe he is just sick of talking to people on the phone. Sometimes I get so many calls myself that it will get to the point where I will stop answering the phone and I will not call anyone back.
  • Yeah, I've been here. Allow me to share more personal experience: One of my good friends of about 10 years, one of my first friends when I moved to a new area, became very hard to keep in contact with. About 4 years after we became friends, he moved away to another town...literally 20 minutes from each other. But for whatever reason, he became extremely difficult to keep in contact with. So over the next few years, we were on/off again as friends. In my first year of college, I got his AOL screen name from a mutual friend. After not having talked to him for about 2 years, it was good to catch up, and we started hanging out alot more. He met a wonderful girl and they've been together ever since. Now, fast forward to about 3 years ago. He and his girlfriend are getting married, and I have been chosen to be one of his groomsmen. We kept in good contact for about a year, and from then on it just grew stale. For whatever reason, he just stopped returning my calls, never contacted me (I was ALWAYS the one who had to initiate contact), responded infrequently on instant messenger, and so on. Overtime we just grew apart. It has been about a year since I have spoken to him now. I tried once or twice to get in contact with him, but to no avail. I decided that, after all my attempts I have still not made contact, I am just not going to try anymore. Its unfortunate...he was a good friend. Perhaps I did/said somethign to offend him? I don't know how, we have always joked about the same stuff, and always had gut busting laughs. I was very good friends with both him and his fiance', and the three of us got along splendidly. We constantly went out in groups of friends, but after awhile it just all died down. He was always hard to get in contact with, and our mutual friends have all said the same thing: he doesn't keep in contact, and rarely returns calls. When he moved away he got a new group of friends...this was back in High School, so it was a long time ago. He seems to have established much stronger relationships with those friends, rather than his old friends from his old neighborhood. This is always a possibility. People get new friends, and they ignore their old ones. Sometimes you say something, or maybe something about you just irritates him, and he never told you. Maybe you both changed so much that you aren't compatible as friends anymore. Its also possible that you've both matured and don't find the kind of friendship you had to be 'mature' enough...he may feel that your friendship is 'beneath' him, to a certain extent. There are always many possibilities in situations like this. I would suggest confronting him for one final time. If he is/was a good friend, its worth it to get an explanation.
  • 1- He's really busy- phone calls do seem to take up alot of time. I would try e-mailing him, that would probably tell you if he really was getting bored of you or not. 2- He could've stumbled across a group of people who always want to hang out with him that you don't know about. 3- He's grown lazy or is an idiot
  • It means that, he doesnt want to talk to you. but you would probably ask the question why ? because may be his personal probs u might have hurt him... he is busy with something else... he is not finding time (thats very ingenuine reason I always consider, as he is busy with something else) atleast once in a while he can talk to u etc...etc....etc one of the probable reason I can tell is: he has found other better company, so roaming with them.. but the point is: He has Changed his perception towards U, If its absolutely right that you felt ignored by him.. So in anyyyyy case, the base line is he has changed his perception towards you, or may be life. now there is a problem, but you may want to solve it. its difficult to change one's perception so quickly. let me give u solution: I know u will find this solution stupid and illogical... But give it a try... u will also learn a good lession in life, how to stay alone not to be so dependent on anybody.. solution : stop calling him for some times.. say a month : and then give him a call, discuss the matter calmly.... u have to be patient... it takes lot of time to build relationship, but very less to break... try this solution...blindly.....for a month (if not month then 3 weeks) no talk, no mail, no sms etc......... nothing wrong in trying.....
  • may be he found out something that really hurt him and it was about you. he probly likes you but is avoiding you because he doesnot think you feel the same way. ask him what is the problem if he doesnt tell you than forget him he cant be honest than he is not for you.
  • Maybe youv upset him,can you think of somethink you may have done or said??? Maybe hes depressed and doesnt want to talk to any one,have you txted him??Some times when im on a downer i dont want to talk to anyone but i txt instead,i know its lazy but at least you can stop talking on txt when youv had enough
  • There's probably a reason, but you'd probably be better off not making any assumptions about what that reason is, since there are so many possibilities. I will say this much, people vary greatly in how they like to interact with the world. For some people, maintaining social ties is the meat of life. For others, it is merely a happy coincidence when it happens to occur. I personally, am not big on contacting people just to keep up a social bond. If I run into them, or I have a particular something I want to talk about, then I'll call them. Even more to the point, I often go through periods where I withdraw and I want to focus on something I'm dealing with or working on. When the phone starts ringing and disturbing me, and the person on the other end doesn't have an actual reason to talk to me, I can get petulant and then I just unplug the phone. At those times I hope that my friends know me well enough to not be offended. You might want to try email. The phone and IM tend to come across as saying "You must stop whatever you are doing and attend to my wishes right now!" Email comes across as saying "Hey, when you get a chance, let me know what's going on, ok?"

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