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  • Women have the mistaken belief that men share a parental instinct to protect their young. Add to that the issue of women thinking with their hearts and not their heads, and you get women having kids with losers. Besides, there is no guarantee a man (or woman, for that matter) will "stick around", nor has there ever been.
  • There are people who don't live in the real world..they live in their own little world. In the real world many women are disinterested in being tied down to one man..they may want to have a child, but they don't want to have a husband ordering them around, controlling who they see, what they do, etcetera. Many men flatter themselves that women will do anything to trap them into marriage. Those women these days are few and far between and the men they set their sights on are usually no prize. Happy Monday! :)
  • I have no my opinion it was never a guarantee. Recipe for misery if you have to do all of that to keep a man.
  • Gone are the days when a man would marry the woman in order to protect her/his/their honor (the shame of a child out of wedlock).
  • are these women getting pregnant by themselves?
  • Do you realize that nobody can be tricked into anything? The decision to marry is the guys and he can just as well walk away and have nothing to do wit it. In fact, that's what I recommend anybody who finds himself in that situation does, just to show the bitch what it's like to be trapped
  • Because some women are just crazy!!! My cousin quit taking her birth control behind her b/fs back and got pregnant. he has a child with a different girl and she thinks that because of her son he wont leave her... not likely!!! CRAYS B if you ask me!!!
  • Actually it is called instinct, why do you think it happens so often around the world?

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