• Do you use fabric could be that. How about detergent -- maybe powdered might be clumping in the washer and settling on the clothes.
  • i have the same problem!!!! it has been bothering me for years. can i ask, what kind of washing machine do you have?
  • In my experience, those spots are a substance of some kind that was on the darks before you washed them but didn't show on the dark fabric. The only thing I can suggest is, if you even suspect you see a spot - pre-treat it before you wash. I hope this helps. PS You might ask 'what does a guy know about laundry?' Well, 20 years of wearing a 'Spotless' uniform, you learn a few tricks.
  • Could it be some type of fat/oil?
  • 12-08-2016 Wowie zowie, are you in for a thrill! I spent almost two years trying to get straight information on water filters. Dealers won't even tell you what size the equipment is, so you can be sure the parts you buy fit each other. I suggest you go to your local water company and get a copy of their test results, which they are required to publish. The water from your faucets might be somewhat different from the published tests. A good indicator is what is around the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom. I was replacing kitchen faucets every two years because the water wore them out that fast. Unscrew the aerator on your faucet and see what is caught in the screen. If you get green or white residue in the aerator, that is from salts in the water. Black specks are iron salts. Before you spend any money on this, I suggest you lose your softener and put white vinegar in for softener. If that doesn't clear it, then you can research filters. I found the best info at but probably the best place to buy a whole house filter is Big Blue brand at Walmart.

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