• Sometimes when I go to the mall, they have survey people and I do the Surveys for $5, but its not to stupid!
  • Power wash and stain a 70 by 70 fence.It took forever and I ruined my best shorts, and I only got 30 bucks.
  • Sell drugs..
  • Sold my nintendo 64 when i was 14 when it was still actually cool. I bought it back a year later bc i missed playing it
  • I am going to have to plead the fifth on this question
  • I sold porn to Catholic school students. It wasn't pictures of me, don't get nervous....geez.
  • Sold my honorary hat for $20 and went back to wearing my regular hat when I was a pizza driver. It was on impulse sale and made me feel like a whore. It was really uncomfortable and I badly wanted to find that man to buy it back but couldn't because he was just a walk in customer.
  • Worked a booth at Montgomery Wards selling Halloween costumes one year. We had to dress in the Halloween costumes every day. Another time, I took a part-time gig selling Oil of Eucalyptus spray. I felt like a Medicine Man, "Come on over and try some of this. It will ease your aches and pains. Sir, does your back hurt? Ma'am, is your arm aching? This will ease your pain, I promise. Only $15 a bottle. . . " Then I'd spray it on them and rub it in and get them to sit for a few minutes, as the pain subsided. I sold quite a bit of it that way, though.
  • In college we would sell our "manhood" for experimentation (not reproduction). We would get together about three times a month and carpool to the medical research facility. We got paid $75 per deposit. We called it the Spank Bank.

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