• from waht I see in PA it's only about 2 maybe 3 mts at the most. I see them late Feb, early Mar. and ther usually gone by mid Dec
  • They are required by Canadian law to spend at least two months in Canada each year or they lose their health insurance priveleges. :D
  • Some never go to Canada. The ones that do stay from spring until the weather starts getting cold, maybe October.
  • I have no idea but I was thrilled to see that you said Canada geese instead of canadian geese :D Although I see some Canada geese here in oregon all year round. Silly birds.
  • I don't know how many are in Canada but I wish they would take the ones that stay here all year round crapping all over the place with them.
  • The ones in New Jersey have been here so long that some of them have joined the mob. We have local businesses --one is 'The Geese Police' that use dogs to chase them.

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