• Jefferson, I'd love to pick his brain. Maybe Washington, to discuss military tatics...
  • I think that I would interview President Bush. I would like to see what he is really like in person; I hear that he is very nice. I know someone who went to grade school with him. You cannot speak to dead presidents or any dead person, cause they are dead, get it? If you get replies from your attempts in speaking with dead people, it is the demons tricking you. That is why the God of the Bible forbids this practice, as a protection for us.
  • Teddy Roosevelt. He's my favorite president and I've read a lot about him. It would be interesting to be able to ACTUALLY meet him. I would ask him about what he thinks of the world and the country now. If knowing what he would be known for and where everything he did ended up would he do things differently. I would love to just talk to him. Just to sit with him would be amazing.
  • I would say Nixon. I would ask why he got involved in Watergate and if he regretted it, and why his dog was a little hellion.
  • JFK JR. I wanna know about his affairs that the rest of the world only suspects.
  • I'd say President Kennedy Sr. -
  • Jefferson. I'd love to know more about all of his inventions. I'd love to know how he justified being a slave owner when it contradicted everything else he propounded. I'd love to know how he got away with the Lewis and Clark expedition and the Louisiana Purchase without Congressional approval. He wasn't a simple man at all.
  • I would have to say Thomas Jefferson. He was just a vey interesting man. And I ask about Sally Hemmings, maybe get her children the recognition they've been denied for so long.
  • JFK. Not original, I know, but I am fascinated by him. I think he has a hell of a personality and a great sense of humor. I would love to just sit and talk with him for a few hours. I'd want to ask him where he got the strength to do so many things that people told him he shouldn't do. I'd love to find out if he really had an affair with Marylin Monroe, too.

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