• This is a difficult question to answer without some more information. I'm guessing you are a younger couple and the future he sees is not actually marriage, but rather continuing a loving relationship. If that is the case, what exactly does he need to think about? It seems to me he's either made up his mind or isn't telling you the truth. Considering the fact that i'm lacking vital information and can only make a general accessment of your situation, I wouldn't go jumping down his throat that he's a liar or that he needs to be with you right now. That would be a mistake. If he does need to think, you should allow him to think. I would let him know that you won't be talking to him until he calls you. I shouldn't be revealing this secret about men, but if you want him to make up his mind and talk to you...... don't call him. He'll go crazy and it may be a little mean spirited, but to be honest from a man's perceptive, he's not telling you everything going on with him.
  • He might be trying to let you down easily... but maybe he does need time to think....but... what does he need to think about? He should want to be with you. He shouldn't have to think about anything to know that. Don't try to talk to him, don't try to call him. Leave him behind and search for someone who DOESN'T need to think to know that he is nuts about you. Being with someone like that is the most exhilarating feeling and you should find that. I'm sure that you did have that feeling with him at one time, but it's gone. If he calls, tell him that you did his thinking for him and that it's over.
  • Give him some space. You can't go around breaking up with people simply because they tell you they need their space. Sometimes, we as people, need time to ourselves, so we can think and be ourselves. Bottom line: Give him some space and if he after a month, he's still emotionally distant, then ask him why and if he's non-responsive, then dump him. Incidentally, don't worry about it because people are generally weird and when you're dealing with men and women whether it's platonic or in your case, romantic, you'll always have some kind of problem trying to understand each other. Good luck with your situation and I hope this helps!
  • you should do that but trust me it is so much harder to do that.....i know from experience that guys will get annoyed if you keep calling but it does work no matter how mad they get..but not calling them can sometimes make it worse...showing them that you will stop at nothing to make them happy does the trick for me...but most of all just fallow your heart.
  • I'm in the same boat you are. My boyfriend came off a four year relationship with a girl that really broke his heart. Everything was going really well, until he got spooked (he doesn't even know what started it), but we're both coming to grips with the fact that he is still trying to get over her so he can be completely with me. One of my suggestions is to write him a letter. Tell him exactly how you feel about him, and also about your feelings toward this situation. Perhaps it might wake him up to know that you're worried about it. Guys,like the rest of us, can be jerks at times without really realizing it. He might just need to see how you feel spelled out in front of him to realize that if he doesn't get his act together he's going to lose a wonderful girl. Good luck!
  • Communicate with him. leaving him alone, with this thought, just might find yourself alone. Couples do not talk to each other enough. Have a nice, quiet, serious talk and discover what is really on his mind. You might have a pleasant surprise.
  • you will only know if you give him time to think. i would leave him alone for a few days and give him some space. after that, i would try to talk to him.
  • you should try not to be so insecure, as that's enough to make him want to break up.
  • tuff to tell from here. my spidey senses tell me yer not the only one he has goin right now.
  • there is nothing you can do since its all on his end, so my advice for you is to avoid worrying and step back- because if youre meant to be, it will all work out and you dont need to know all the answers right now. give him the space he needs, dont show him insecurity, and accept the situation as it flows. know that you will be happy in the end even if its not with him. the last thing you wanna do right now is push him away.
  • Unless he asked to spend time apart, he probably won't break up with you. Keep being a nice person, but start to back away from him a little. Don't do him a lot of favors or fawn over him. If you distance yourself a bit, he'll start to miss you and realize how much he appreciates you. And it'll show in his behavior. He'll be more thoughtful and complimentary towards you. If this does not work and he does leave, then don't despair, because you won't miss out on anything by getting out a relationship where the guy has led you on with false expectations.
  • He loves you but this is a big step and he really does need time to think. However, it could be that he isn't ready to be captured yet and wants to mingle. You should give it time and if he still doesn't answer then you definately need to talk to him. But men love their space and when they're ready to talk they'll come around
  • Could be he does indeed love you and is thinking marriage as a possible future. If so, he may have begun to realize just how big a commitment that is, and started to panic and ask himself if he is really ready to make and keep that kind of commitment. If so, I wouldn't wonder that he needs time to think. - I suggest: be there for him, but don't pressure him. Invite him to talk, but make it an INVITATION, with "not yet" clearly an acceptable answer. - Most of all, if you love him, keep on showing it in those small ways that make your feelings clear, but demand nothing in return. - Good luck!
  • You should leave him alone. Let him come to you. Yes it is hard, but YOU HAVE TO DO IT!
  • you know the situation best. I think the best thing to do is give him space as me and my bf split up for three months, we did get back together but whats for you wont go by you. Just give it space and time and hopefully it will work out for the two of you. xxxxx
  • i'm a lad, and i said the same thing to my lass 2 weeks ago i ended it with her and i feel sick to the bottum of my gut, even thinking of suiside, i ended with her becuase i needed my room to think she wouldnt give it. living to gether for 2 years also engadged, and i ended becuase i didnt TELL her i wanted space for a bit, now she wont take me back because she says she cant deside now. point is TELL him if he needs to talk he can say anything he wanted to you and you will lisen. or even if he is to shy to talk about it face to face. he can write you a letter. think positive always.
  • If people enjoy being with each other they don't want "time off" from each other. So either he is not enjoying your relationship or you have not been giving him enough time and space to himself within it. So if you have been pressing him to make decisions about your future then it could be that.

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