• The United States
  • IIRC, Coca-Cola.
  • Walmart
  • This is a hard question!! It depends on what you base it on. You could base it on Sales, Profit, Employees, Market Cap, etc. Not to mention all the private and state owned companies that are not as easily transparent as the publicly traded companies. I think the best way to base this decision is Market Cap. But it is hard to rate a private company by that measure. The Financial Times helps in this regard. The "FT's Non-Public 150" by the Financial Times and McKinsey - the study of the world’s largest unlisted companies - found that Saudi Aramco is worth an estimated $781 billion USD, dwarfing the $454 billion USD market capitalisation of its rival ExxonMobil (published: December 2006). This was of course published in 2006 but I think it is safe to say that Saudi Aramco is still the largest company by Market Cap in the World. If you wanted to know what the largest public company in the world by market cap is it would be Exxon Mobil with a market cap of 385.62 Billion.
  • Wal Mart comes to mind
  • Nestle Siemens
  • The Indian railways company is the largest and biggest company in the world , since it's providing services to more than 1 Milliard people in a wide country such as INDIA, "transporting eighteen million passengers daily and more than two million tonnes of freight daily. India railways is the world's largest commercial or utility employer, with more than 12 million employees" by Wikipedia. Thanks to know it.

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