• I would say 5.
  • *laughs* Personally I resent the restriction of females having to wear shirts while men don't, so I can't give you an answer you're looking for here. XD
  • I would say between the ages of 2 and 18 they should keep their shirt on. Between the ages of 18 and 83 they should keep their shirt off. Over 83 I'll decide if they can wear a shirt or not.
  • I don't see anything wrong with it before 7 or 8 But that is only in private, secluded places. There are a lot of predators out there, could be right in your own neighborhood that you just dont know about. Not all of them get caught you know. Therefore it is not a wise thing to display your children like that even if normal people are not offended or see it as innapropriate. If I thought anyone was looking at my kids... It might just incite me to cold blooded murder! With my bare hands even!
  • Personally I would say that little girls over the age of 12 months should keep their shirts on. I hate to see little girls walking around without shirts on, it makes me horrifed for them and pisses me off when I see old nasty men drooling over them. So often people think that because a little girl hasn't developed yet that it won't cause dirty men to look at them, but it does. Even if its just a wife beater make sure that she is covered up.
  • NEVER!
  • I'd say once they reach 2 years old a shirt needs to be on in public places.
  • Whatever age she's started wearing a training bra, to be consistent in teaching her that boobs need coverage, even if she doesn't have any yet.
  • With all the paedophiles around, I would not advise any parent to allow their small children to go without shirts.
  • It really depends on the parents. My general rule is about two years of age for public (i.e. swimming) and whenever they begin to understand that there is a difference between boys and girls for keeping it on around the home (average of 4 or 5). I know a lot of people have mentioned pedophiles, but I don't think many are that excited by the naked torso of a toddler. If they are, then boys are equally vulnerable as it can be very difficult to tell the difference at that age without gender identifying clothes.
  • If you have to think about if it's appropriate or not, it probably already isn't. As soon as the thought crosses your mind with your little girl you should probably put a shirt on her. Now, when they turn 18, it's their choice. lol.
  • In public? If you mean like the mall, at birth. If you mean outside in the yard, probably by the time their out of diapers they should be able to dress properly and stay that way.
  • i would say two...
  • I dont think little girls should be out in public shirtless at any age. Not for the reason of pedophiles. But how cold it is or if its really sunny. I dont let my little boy run around without a shirt on either.
  • I think girls are never too old to walk around shirtless, nut thats just my opinion :)
  • Out in public are alot of creeps and, I would hate to think of someone looking at a little girl of say 3 in a way that is inappropriate. Best to keep her covered up in public at any age.
  • They look better in beautiful dresses my bou
  • All little humans look "unsexualised" before puberty so I would say some time before puberty hits but it all depends on how you parents judge given this society has bred some really sick people and they might be around somewhere.
  • Around school age. But they should never be taken out to crowded areas shirtless.
  • at home they can be shirtless till the grow boobies. but if you ask me, its kind of indecent to be bringing any child out in public shirtless. it kinda makes the parents look bad. please clothe your children

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