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  • Aw crap, i'm not a chick, i can't answer this question.
  • For me I start getting all tingly in between my legs and my nipples start getting tingly and getting hard and the more aroused I get, The more wet I get down stairs.
  • It is!! The wetter it gets, the hotter it gets, then things really start heating up. know what I mean.
  • When I'm aroused, the first thing I feel is my clitoris getting hard. And it is not a slow build, its like how guys said their member gets hard on. For me, it is like an instant hard on. And next thing I will feel is my labial lips getting filled with blood and I start getting wet.Then, there will be this itch that seems to need to be scratch or it feels as if its like an itch. I feel the need to touch my genital especially my clitoris.
  • It begins as a warmth between the legs that becomes a slow ache followed by a near throbbing with increasing wetness.
  • I feel a pleasant warmth in my groin area and a fullness in my clit and labial lips as they become engorged with blood. Sometimes the fullness manifests itself as an increased awareness of my genitals if the clit is not fully erect. My vagina may become wet, and my breathing may quicken. When aroused, my genitals crave touching, especially penetration, and sometimes I really, really crave the contact of a male body. When I'm really aroused, my breasts also tingle. Rubbing my genitals, breasts, or inner thighs feels so good.
  • Everything everyone else has alreay said, however for me it's a full body of sensations. Everything is connected to something else so no feeling is localized, it travels. Touch me on my right shoulder and I might feel all the way down to my left foot and all places in between. (and down and over and back and around) It can be a struggle not get lost in the sensations sometimes. Don't know how else to say it Plus what I call the crispes. Where the skin feels like it's on fire.
  • I agree with all that was said here. I'm curious as to what guys thought happened to us when aroused?And did they know women got aroused when they were young guys?
  • WOW! I've had an epiphany!
  • Exactly the way Little Miss Dangerous describes it! +5 +6 I QUOTE HER: It begins as a warmth between the legs that becomes a slow ache followed by a near throbbing with increasing wetness.
  • my clit is the center of attention as if all arrows point to it and it needs estatic attention to be played, sucked, pulled on like a penis gets and wants to be one and makes me in a good pleasant mood and stays that way until i do something about it, which usually gets masturbated if nothing i enjoy anything erotic about pubic area wants to protude out, though it doesn't in a full sense...i might want to walk with my toes outward rather than straight ahead of me, making my genital area feeling like it is saying "here i am, come get it" and really hoping it turns someone on so they breasts feel fuller and want to be caressed of any pressure being applied from someone cupping them to grabbing them up to just bearable pain possibly...
  • probably just like a guy..
  • I just get wet and go sort it out

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