• No. The birth control pill, just like every pill has no exact time that it works. One of the most difficult things to time is a biological process. It depends on how big or small you are and your average daily metabolic rate that affects absorption of drugs into the body. Hope this helps.
  • No, as long as you're remembering to take it once a day. Even if you do forget a day you can double up the next day without a problem. Tell your boyfriend to mellow out. :)
  • It is fine to be two hours late or even more. The point is to take it daily, regularly.
  • Which kind is it? For combined oral contraceptives (the usual pill), there's a 12 hour window but for progesterone only pills (the mini pill), the window is much smaller...I think it's less than 6 hours.
  • as long as its taken DAILY that is the important part, whether it be first thing in morning or just be for bed etc. If you take vitamins take it then as long as you make it part of your regimen in time you will not forget, if by chance you do, one day take soon as you remember,4-5 hours or like next day. when you worry is if you miss 2 or more days in a row. to be really sure on all points call your DR or clinic and ask, I'm sure they will tell you any fine points you need to know on the pill. hope this helps
  • why not read the leaflet that comes with your medicines? it will tell you all you need to know
  • it decreases effectiveness of it
  • This is a good question and the simple answer is probably not for 2 hours but: IT DEPENDS Although most pills are fairly relaxed and as has been said can be taken up to a day late, some pills are very fussy about when you take them. I believe these are the low dose or progesterone only pills. These pills must be taken very close to the right time to remain effective. If you (or your boyfriend) are concerned- get the facts about the particular type of pill you're using. Then you'll know and won't have to worry.
  • I used to be on the pill and I always allotted a two hour window within which to take the pill. I never had any problems.
  • I wouldn't say it's "bad" necessarily; however, the more consistently you take your pill, the better protection you have from getting pregnant. I know it's kind of a pain sometimes, but the best thing you could do is take them exactly when your alarm goes off every day--Better safe than sorry, right?! --ANW
  • an hour to 2 hours late isnt bad at all. My pharmicist said it is ok to do that. only take 2 in one day if you miss a pill though.
  • No... As long as you take it within 12 hours then it's okay.
  • I have asked my pharmacist this question before. He said 2 hours late or early shouldn't Be a problem,but, if I missed a dose in days 9-15 of my cycle it was best If I used additional birth control protection(condom) I was reading up on fertility days, and people that have been on birth control Pills at least 4 months have easier predictable fertility days, because You are ovulating pretty much at the same time of month every time.

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