• Redtube hs some excellent vids on it. Perhaps they would allow you to upload your stuff onto there.
  • 1) "Even though YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular Video site on the internet, there have been times in which I wish there were an alternative, or some changes made to to it. How many times have you clicked on a video you really wanted to see from some search results only to stumble upon an annoying red message saying that the video has been removed or no longer available? Thanks to Michael Arrington from TechCrunch, you now have a small, yet reliable, list of alternatives for videos that infringe copyrights: Full length copies of well known TV shows and/or movies are readily available on a number of YouTube competitors. Watch, for example, - The Office on DailyMotion, Scrubs on GoFish, or SouthPark on Veoh (update: GoFish and Veoh have apparently removed the shows I linked to). And if searching for the shows on these sites is just too much work, there are other sites that aggregate and organize this content, and embed it on their own sites. Watch any episode from any of the 11 seasons of SouthPark on And new site VideoHybrid is in a class of its own, with dozens of full length movies and virtually every popular TV show. VideoHybrid even gives statistics showing exactly how many times copyrights have been violated. [Oops! This link appears broken.]" Source and further information: 2) "YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the net. I am sure that you have heard of them, and most likely you have been on their site today. We are all in love with YouTube because we see the funniest, rudest, idiotic, craziest stuff that we have ever seen. Every time I get on YouTube I land up laughing so hard that I cry. How could there be more sites like this? There are several and I have listed the best ones that I could find. I hope that you find at least a few YouTube alternatives that you weren’t previously aware of." " Blinkx - BlipTV - Blog TV - Break - CastTV - ClipShack - Daily Motion - Google - iFilm - Izleslene - JumpCut - MetaCafe - MeeFedia - Mogulus - MSN SoapBox - Operator 11 - Revver - Self Cast TV - Sharkle - STRMZ - Truveo - Ulinkx - Veoh - VideoCodeZone - VideoJug - VideoSift - VidiLife - Vimeo - VMix - ZippyVideo - " Source and further information:
  • VK is the place to be for uploading and sharing videos with friends.

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