• What is log10? is it log(10)? Is it log base 10? If it's the latter, why is multiplied by something?
  • Question is a bit confusing if log is based 10 then it should be written as "lg". Any ways i have solved it for eider case. Taking the equation as: 0=X+20*log10*(1/y) -X= 20/y y=(-20/x) OR 0=X+20*log(1/y) -x/20 = log(1/y) 1/y = log^(-x/20) y = 1/log^(-x/20)
  • Log10(1/y) = -Log10(y) therefore, the equation becomes x=20*Log10(y); x/20=Log10(y); y=(x/20)^10

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