• I weigh 135. I have lost about 15 pounds so I am trying to gain a little more weight...because Im ten pounds under the weight limit for my height and I feel unhealthy. I'm not afraid of the scale...seeing how I can't remember a time when I weighed 135- but I am afraid I am going to lose more weight.
  • 10 stone 13lbs. 141.8lbs. 64.33 kilograms.
  • Yep,,, and nope
  • I'm 45 years old, and weigh in at a whopping 100lbs., I eat like there's no tomorrow, don't diet, and weighed 97 pounds when I graduated from high school in 1981. A long, long time ago!!! :)
  • Well I don't really like the scale. I don't use it much. But yes. I know how much I weigh. About 120lbs, depending on the time of day.
  • haha - you can tell the nationalities here - who uses metric, who uses Imperial!! We Brits must fight for the right for STONES!! he he 9 of 'em in my case - although I am a bit scared of the scale monster in case it tells me any different - EAT MORE, WOMAN!! it screams! I CAN'T!! I yell back, I'm full already! ... I'm not underweight, my clothes fit, what is your *problem*? Stupid appetite. LOL!! ;-) And at 5'5-and-a-half(very important, that ½, who knows when I might need it?), I'm beautifully proportioned too... ;þ heh heh
  • Yes I know how much I weigh....and no I am not afraid of the is afraid of me...
  • Yes I know how much I weigh, I weighed myself a couple days ago, 117 pounds, woohoo!!!!!!! I used to avoid the scale when I was ill.

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