• A space adventure, traveling to another world.
  • A documentary film showing how the problem of world hunger had been solved. Why? because that would mean no more hungry people.
  • Slasher films! I want to die in one, or at least, be found dead with blood all over. :D
  • as a guy, what would be cooler than being a super hero. still alot of good ones out there. captin america, flash, green lantern, thor etc. or superman (last one sucked)
  • The most satisfying movies I've worked on have been those in which the process is enjoyable, the cast and crew are great to work with, and the end product reflects all of that. Movies/Films are made to entertain, inform, or both so the result is very important. But for those involved in creating the project, the process is just as important. Creating a movie takes a tremendous amount of work, often very long days (upwards of 14 hour days!), and long schedules (three months or more). While other "normal" people go to work at 9am and go home to dinner at 5pm, that can easily be only a half day for someone who is making a movie. With that kind of work schedule, it is imperative that YOU are pleasant to work with and that you enjoy those around you. The days are just too long to have to spend with someone who you don't like for one reason or another. The end product is very important because otherwise, what's the point beyond punching a clock and making money? But the process is extremely important too for those who do this for a living. Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC
  • I would like to be in "W" maybe as an assassin...maybe :D
  • Sports movie because I love sports.
  • i would want to be in a documentary so my words can count for something :]
  • a porno, for obvious reasons lol or a action/adventure movie where im either like a superhero or some awesome assasin type dude that can kill a room full of guys with guns, with a sword in like 5 seconds lol
  • I would love to just be in one!
  • Any movie where I get to kiss the likes of: Milla Jojovich, Kirsten Dunst, Uma Thurman, Avril Lavigne, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, the list goes on and on and on. Maybe a steamy sex scene too. But kissing is good.

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