• Yes he should, but what would this movie be? Is there any more star wars to film? If not then mabie they could re-do the first 3 movies.
  • No. He should just stop. As much as I like the series, I think it's played out.
  • No. I love George and I love Star Wars but I think he's finally got it where he wants it. I did hear of another release of the originals though. I can't remember if that was proven as a rumor or not. Indiana Jones 4 was great in my opinion and I don't think that Star Wars needs to be cashed in. I believe that George still has a lot of untapped talent that he can use on other things and he's even expressed interest to do so. Star Wars is classic but I think it's time for him to move on. His biggest thing with the originals and editing them was his distaste for the outcome of the original release because of budget. It was his baby and he felt like it was never done. Money plays a factor too on why he re-released etc. But I think in general it's time for him to find something new.
  • In the words of Han Solo, "over my dead body"
  • It would work i know it would, superb idea xRedfoxx!!!

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