• Although your use of the phrase "other girlfriend" makes me wonder at the status of the relationship, I'm guessing that he is your ex? If he is then it really isn't your place anymore, is it? I mean, it was very nice that you were going to go as a "family" to his parent's home but you aren't "together" anymore so it IS her place as his current love to go with him for the holidays. Your son going or not is a separate issue. I don't think you can use not liking this woman as a reason to keep your son from going to his grandparent's home for the holidays with his father. You and your ex need to work out a shared holiday schedule for this "new" way of doing things. While doing so, bear in mind, that your child pays the price for discord between his mother and father.
  • .... hummm an answer disappeared.
  • He's your son and you have every right to keep him safe.
  • i dont think youre doing anything wrong

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