• i will not entering in details but 2 stroke oil is burned with fuel not the 4 stroke oil or a little dependaing of psiton segment status. 2 stroke engine run's faster then a 4 and oil need to be more performant in the temperature tolerance capacity. also lubricating aspect are different in a 2 then a 4, Aditive in the blending process are not the same, viscosity is not the same. I'm working for Imperial oil lubricants and specialities and if you need to have a specific details go on Lubs and specialities Imperial oil website. Regards.
  • 2 stroke mixes with oil like in weedeater or chainsaw 4 stroke has its own reservoir like a lawnmower
  • After the second stroke, you'd better give up oil and fat entirely.
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      Snare drum roll and cymbal
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      Thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

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