• The 30 days start when he says "you need to be out in 30 days".
  • The 30 day notice begins the day you give your landlord the notice. Be sure to give it in writing and keep a copy. If your lease is not up, a notice will not terminate the lease. If, however, you are leaving at "lease end" which is on December 31, be sure to give your landlord written notice no later than December 1, preferably before. State in the notice the exact date you will be moving and insist upon a walk-thru with your landlord when you move out so the exact condition of the premises will be known to each party. That way if someone cleaning the apartment, etc., damages a wall, breaks a window, etc., the landlord will not hold you responsible. It's also a good idea to take pictures as you are leaving the premises to show the exact condition if something comes up.

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