• 1. Cupid is sweet; like a baby 2. Cupid is unselfish, like a baby 3. Cupid is indiscriminatory, like a baby 4. Cupid is all about love, like a baby So do you get it?
  • because he is a baby figure. all babies wear nappies. he is innocent, sweet, and loves unconditionally. but how do we know he is a he. why can't cupid be a she?
  • The depictions I've seen show Cupid in the buff. His little fanny is exposed to the air. If he is incontinent...look out below!
  • No no no, you are all wrong! Cupid is the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture. His Roman counterpart was Eros (the root of words such as erotic), who coincidently also was the son of Aphrodite. He was originally depicted as a young man (in Greek) or as a young boy (Roman). Eros fell in love with mortal beauty Psyche, who bears him a daughter, Hedone (meaning "pleasure"). The whole underwear and diaper thing just exists to keep a PG rating and not expose penises to the children, perverts and paedophiles of the world.
  • Eros, I think was the representation of our "primitive" selfs (desires, dreams, all of it) and the old Eros paintings I have seen were of a naked boy. I don't really understand why he looks so young but I think it has to do with the youth thing.
  • The concept of cupid in a diaper is primarily a modern one. In ancient mythology and up until at least Renaissance art, Cupid (or Eros) was depicted as a naked youth. Mary Zimmerman's play Metomorphoses, based on Ovid's work, gives the reason for his nudity: because we are transparent in love, exposed and foolish. Later, cupid began to be depicted as a nude cherub. However, given the puritanicalness of America, we can't even abide seeing a naked baby, so they started putting a diaper on him, probably about the same time as Valentines day started becoming commercialized and things like Valentines cards and decorations started being made.

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