• I believe I have, though it was a faint memory. It was in Texas, San Antonio, to be exact, when I was in Air Force basic training. The buidling was brick, so it wasn't that bad. There was an eerie noise outside, all the trees were shaking violently, and you could hear extraordinarly strong winds buffeting the building, especially the windows. We were ripped and safe, and while not scared, it still was rather unnerving.
  • I have, it is scary as hell.
  • Dizzying
  • I was 12 years old when a bunch of tornadoes devestated parts of Edmonton Alberta. The sky turned green and everything went silent... the air pressure and clear air quality made me feel happy. I kept jumping up and down trying to fly. I managed to get 5 feet in the air when I banged my head into a dumpster. I didn't get yelled at as much as I thought I would. :)
  • Yeah, when I was very young. All I remember is, a lot of noise, and being under an overturned couch in the basement. The house next door was taken out, but our's was virtually untouched.
  • My Mom was on the phone with a parent (from her school that she was teaching at.) & she had her curtains closed & a tornado went right by her apartment!!!!! But for me i haven't been through one yet!
  • I was working in Wadsworth, OH when a tornado went through the town. A lot of idiots in the office building were standing up by the plate glass windows watching the wind and rain. What little I actually saw of it looked like someone had taken a fire hose and was spraying it directly against the glass - like when you are driving your car through an automated car wash, but worse. There was a huge roaring sound. What we could see of the outside was debris flying everywhere, a lamp post bent almost double, and just sheets of rain going almost straight across. Scariest thing I've ever been through in my life.
  • I've been through several here in Oklahoma. One particularly scary one was when i was 5 at a friends b-day party at mcdonalds. The manager freaked out and shoved us all into the walk-in. We were in there for what seemed like an eternity while the tornado destroyed e- thing around us. Whew! That was a close one folks!
  • I got forced off the road by one once. The state police closed the highway and I spent an hour cowering in a restaraunt ladies room, knowing it would be little protection if we got hit. When the road finally opened again, there were semis all along the road laying on their sides. About an hour down the road, I hit a tree that had apparently been weakened by the storm. It was a dead tree and fell as I was passing. It fell under my back wheels and destroyed my right rear rim and tire. The whole back of the truck shot up about four feet in the air and came down with a bang. All I could see in the rear view mirror was stove wood size chunks scattering behind me. I spent a couple of hours in a downpour trying to flag down help so I could get the truck towed. I spent the night in the back soaking wet. The next day they had to cut the rim off with an acetylene torch. I've also stood in the doorway at night, wondering why I was hearing the sound of a freight train when there were no trains within thirty miles of us. There was a tornado tearing down our property line a quarter mile away. One of my high school biology teachers was on the road the night of the super tornadoes in 1974. She talked about flying down a ridge as fast as they could force the car to go (she never looked at the speedometer) with a tornado on each side of the car.
  • Yes it was a pretty nasty documentary, but then I think they were acting - rather realistic!

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