• Make up one about Obama, it would be timely.
  • Write a song about having to write a song.
    • mushroom
      "Number Three" by They Might Be Giants
  • write about all the idiots in your class! u know the ones who are so annoying, mean etc! haha imagine how silly they would feel x
  • Depends what kinda song... Can it be really stupid. because that's like an only option instead of really complicated things that are really hard to sing, like a poem or something. Something about a starry night. Really, IDK, just a shot in the dark.
  • i can see our eye's under.... i can see your eye's look at the moon i can see your eye's dans in the ..... i can see your eye's look at me i can feel your lipps want to kis me i can feel your body wana dansing me-eee i can feel your heard that he love's me the rist it's up to you with all my love:- shosho
  • Wrir a lyric that places dreams at odds with destiny....afterall, that is a true taste of reality. There you go, you have your first rhym.
  • I would write a song about the class and include the teacher's name they love that crap. You can also Google online what rhymes with whatever and you'll get the rhyming words, the rhyming is not necessary.
  • Title: A song for us: Here we are as school mates, Soon to depart and go our separate ways. Some might become... Others might fade. Only a few years are left for us to be as we are, to enjoy each other's laughs and too see each other's hearts. etc. etc. etc..... :)

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