• See a doctor! If your throat is also SORE, it could be a bacterial type of pharyngitis, (sore throat) or it could be what is called "herp angina" which is a viral sore throat often with "canker sore" looking white spots at the back of the throat, etc. We have no way of diagnosing it with any certainty. Play it safe. Go to a walk in clinc or see your own doctor. If you need antibiotics, the sooner you get them they sooner you will get well.
  • It could be a yeast infection or "thrush". it usually appears in the back and sides of the mouth and throat. See a doctor. Cough drops are for coughs, not this problem.
  • Could be strep-throat. Seeing a doc has been the best advice given here.
  • I had the same problem and I was told it could be linke to different things such as pharyngitis but I was told the best thing to do is gargle with warm salt water and it really does help.
  • it could be strep, maybe you should go to the er
  • go to the er, it could be strep
  • maybe you should get checked for strep
  • 9-26-2017 I don't know much about throats. The only thing I know about is tonsil stones. They cause bad breath and are fairly easy to remove. Any doctor or dentist can show you what to do.
  • maybe you should go to the er, you might have strep

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