• The stomach (and other parts of your digestive system) aren't very sensitive to most types of pain as your skin is, however it is very sensitive to stretch. So a simple answer would be that maybe you want to eat a bit less. However it is also very likely that you have some sort of problem with your digestive system. A stomach ulcer normally gets better after eating food, rather than worse, but you may have GORD. Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease is when the opening to your stomach doesn't close enough after food has past down so stomach acid can escape back into your foodpipe. The pain may be hard to localise because of the way the nerves to your organs are placed, so it can feel like your stomach being affected. There are a number of other conditions that may also cause the pain but these are usually located further down the gut in your intestines.
  • i had the very same thing,my stomach never bothered me unless i ate,and then it would bother me,the doctors agreed that it was acid reflux and prescribed ranotidodine,ibelieve it was,which was just a high priced anti-acid.get it checked out by a doctor,that may be all it is.
  • It may be indegestion; try eating slowly and chewing your food throughly.
  • Ask your Dr about a condition called gastroparesis. Could be many things, but GP is often overlooked, and the person has stomach pain with no diagnosis. Its only findable with a gastric emptying study. I have GP and its a b^tch.

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