• I would hope that most people who opposed Obama would follow John McCain's lead and offer to help in whatever way they can. I will pray for him, and wish him the best of luck. He's going to need all of it!
  • Obama has 63 million people glad he won, and 56 million disappointed that he won. The last two elections had people threatening to move to Canada when the result they had hoped for didn't come. Why should the losers be happy and supportive this time around. The losers are never supportive. Oh, and good luck getting real change - from any politician.
  • I agree...
  • Not many people can lose gracefully. I do agree with you, though. After all, Democrats endured a Republican president for 8 years, so I think it's only fair that the Dems get a turn now for 4 years.
  • Some folks are sore losers. Some people can't deal with change. And, as it seems pretty obvious and yet sad in this day and age, some people are still very bigoted. I find it shameful. I don't vote based on gender, race or religion. I vote based on political views and character. I do applaud McCain for his gracious concession speech. I did find it sad that so many of his supporters booed as he offered his congratulations and support. Why can't they follow McCain's lead?
  • I have found that for most people it's very difficult to be a gracious loser. I have also noticed that most people fear and resist change. I, for one, fully support our new Commander in Chief and wish him unparalleled success. I pray he will find guidance and wisdom in his difficult tasks ahead. There will always be those that disagree for political or religious reasons with whoever holds that office. It may be unreasonable to expect otherwise, but sometimes it's good to dream. I think it's best not to rush to judgement. After all, he might be able to pull it off! God bless Barack Obama and God bless America!
  • What do you mean by 'support' him? Do you expect me to support him if he actually accomplishes some of his grand changes? Changes that largely are unconstitutional and Marxist? I will not support the destruction of the Constitution under Obama just as I could not support it under Bush. I really do hope I am wrong about him, but I doubt it.
  • Yes. And what kind of message does it send foreigners, to hear U.S. citizens in opposition to their own leader?
  • I think too many people that voted for Obama are expecting miracles from him. The first one being, fix our economy, how?
  • I voted for McCain, and I still think that McCain's views and plans for our country were a better idea. That said, I hope that President Elect Obama does a great job while in office (and stays the hell out of my pockets while he is at it) and earns my vote the next time around. I do not have much faith that he will be able to bring about the change that he espouses without massive tax increases to levels that are obscene, so something has to give. He can either follow the Jimmy Carter model and raise taxes and destroy our economy completely or the JFK/RWR model and lower them to bring about recovery. I fear greatly that he will fall into the Carter model in this, as he has already stated that he wants to "spread the wealth around". If he wants to smack people at $250,000 with a big tax increase (Joe Biden quoted that down to $140,000 I believe), what is going to stop him from dropping that down every time one of his big government plans needs a cash booster? I am a bit of a pessimist, but I do hope that I am wrong. God bless him and he has my prayers.
  • he'll bring real change alright. i only hope that everyone who voted for him doesn't actually get what they deserve for committing such a crime against this country and everything that made it great. i didn't vote for mccain, but my conscience is clean because i didn't vote for obama either. i'll support any decent decision obama makes. at this point, however, i cannot support him based on the rhetoric he barfed out onto all of his mindless supporters.
  • ya, I'm sure a lot of people will support him, but then again a lot of people will go against him. there is still a lot of racial and deceiving people out in the world, i believe that economie will rise for a couple of years, then it will all come crashing down like never before.
  • People have a right to be disappointed that "their guy" lost. So they will let us know in detail, chapter and verse all of the horrible things that will befall us. It's just normal venting and I wouldn't worry too much about it. After awhile they will start focusing on other things and after awhile maybe if their circumstances improve, the disappointment will be less. Happy Thursday! :)
  • Here's what I believe. There are many who did not vote for Obama, who are willing to give him a chance and will try to work with everyone to make the country all that it can be. Then there are the ones who will resist with all their might. What this election has taught us, is that people from all ages, races, and backgrounds voted for Obama, and that is possible for people to come together and make something happen. I think the resistant minority will have to come to terms with what has happened, because like it or not, America has spoken. In record numbers.
  • Sure he can count on the same support from me that President Bush got
  • You should realize that the ones doing all that talking are the same ones who actually have the audacity to defend Bush when he's being critized for the attrocities he has committed. So, when it doubt, always refer to the source
  • Good for you....excellent attitude. I think as time goes on the 'soreness' of losing will wear off...and as everything unfolds, more and more will see it ain't so bad with an Obama as leader!
  • I don't plan on breaking any laws. I don't plan on overthrowing the government with a coup. I'll be paying my taxes. And paying...and paying. Yes, I'll be supporting our new President. Even as I bitch. And that's enough.
  • He can count on as much support from me as Bush received from the Obama supporters.
  • Whether or not you voted for him he is now your president....You have a right to support him and your country:)
  • I agree with you, but I wish people would stop using the word 'our' to describe the United States of America and its leaders when they make contributions to a website with a world-wide membership. President Elect Obama is not OUR President Elect to a substantial number of us.
  • We are a family who live in North Wales in the UK. We've been watching the campaigns right from the beginning. It's fantastic to see such a sincere man who has been so, right from the beginning. He is black and will and can make so many changes for the good. We have never seen such a person since the time of Martin Luther King who has a gift for being such an orator and person with strong and positive character qualities. All the very best for the future and God Bless America! (greetings from an all white family mid-thirties with children).
  • There's a lot of irrational fear out there, largely unspoken but very powerful, about what a black democrat will do as president. I don't think I can even suss out what it is they fear will happen, but it's inspiring outright panic among some conservatives. One hopes that reality will assuage those fears, but it might not. I remember how it was in the 90's when Clinton, who was not even all that liberal, was in charge. There was an incredibly hateful surge in the right-wing rhetoric at that time, when people who felt powerless in the face of social change turned their fears into rage at their fellow citizens. Just listen to right-wing radio and you'll hear these people. I don't think those minds can be changed - no matter what happens in Obama's presidency they are bound to call it an unmitigated disaster. But the population is shifting, and they can either join us in reality or be left out in the cold. The young people of America are different, as we saw in the election results. That's what we can focus on.
  • 5-4-2017 Ok, here we are eight years later. How's that hopey changey bullshit working out for you?
  • same reason people won't support Trump now they like to complain about anybody who's in charge.

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