• i think if i saw that it might actually be little bit of a turn on but i would feel very embarassed for noticing and embarassed for him
  • I must have been very innocent because I never noticed any.
  • I've only noticed once, but I'm quite oblivious. It was my boyfriend and he made some joke or something and we laughed. If I did see some random guy in public, I would just think poor guy and feel sympathy for him. I wouldn't look down on him or make fun of him, it's nature, and there isn't much he can do to help it.
  • They are thinking, " Jesus Christ, I wish I could have a few minutes alone with that boy. I could make that thing go back down for sure! Mmmm mmmmm." ;-)
  • 'it happens' :) Cause it does now and then. Guys cant help it.
  • I noticed it every now and then. It was kind of a turn on for me and filled me with curiosity.
  • it makes me smile
  • Luckily for me my penis is so small when I got an erection at school no one noticed...not even I.
  • The guy is sexually aroused and will be a lot of fun at bed! (click the pic to see it clearly)
  • i wud just think now is there a batroom around somewre wre can he go and satisfy himself by masturbation and if the bathroom doesnt exist then i feel pity for the guy who looks ashamed ....
  • that was the worst especialy in gym class with like those thin sports pants on or gym shorts. you pretty much coundnt hide it then and girls in skimpy gym clothes are hot.
  • I would think: Wow he must be embarrassed. Then start giggling. he he. Then even more after he notices that i noticed. lol.
  • I've honestly never noticed in school.
  • I WAS such a boy in Junior High and had it grabbed by many girls going through their own raging harmones. It was a very awkward time. As for the majority of girls, who knows? Probably sympathy for someone having to be embarrassed like that.
  • at first i'd think "O-M-G. is THAT what i think it is?" & then i'd laugh it off.
  • Back in high school me and a group of friends used to ride the bus home together. It was always very crowded and it was not uncommon for the girls to sit on the guys laps to save seats. Well one day while we were waiting for the bus I was joking around with this one girl telling her how unattractive I thought she was (which was a total lie, I had had a thing for her for years) She responded, "If I'm so ugly then why do you always have a huge boner when I sit on your lap?!" I went bright red and asked her how she knew. "We can feel it, dummy! Why do you think we keep sitting on your lap? Duh."
  • I have never seen a guy with an erection in public, ever
  • +5 normal reaction ... wheee they desire me

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