• the quickest way is to start stomach 'crunches' twice a day, and keeping it up until you can do three sets of 100. when you get to this level, take a look and you will be happy. a thing i learned a while ago is to take a picture of yourself beforehand, and then one in one month so you can actually see your efforts paid off! good luck to you
  • Cardio, Cardio, Cardio, Diet, Diet, Diet...Maybe a few crunches. It's so funny how people think doing sit-ups/crunches will get you a sixer. You have to lose the layer of fat on top and doing crunches should maybe at most be 10-15% of it...
  • From the liquor store. You can also develop a 12-pack and even a case while you're there
  • stop eating cheese burgers fatty!!!! jk =p diet and work out.

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