• i have the same problem i know there isn't a problem with the umd disc and the inside of the psp osn't dusty but it still won't tell me if u get an answer
  • you need to take the clear part of the UMD disc off of the case and put it in your psp...that's what helped me
  • i have the same problem, it happened to me yesterday still cant figure it out, it will just sit there for countless hours loading and nothing, not even and error!!! please someone help me
  • Well this seems to be a growing problem. My son was playing with his relatively unused PSP game yesterday... turned it on this morning, and no UMD icon... just the busy light flashing. Attempted several other UMD discs, but effectively nothing UMD oriented is working on machine. Someone find the answer please. He's 7 and melting.
  • if your psp is still in warenty call sony on 1300 365 911 and they give you there adress and they give it to their people and they find out whats wrong and give you a new one but you keep your memory card and battery
  • what clear part do you mean?
  • My son is also having the same problem. When putting UMD's in it just keeps "disc cannot be read" and it does that for all UMD's. Any thoughts????
  • I had the same problem. If you have a game that does work, make sure there is no UMD in the PSP, power it on, put in the UMD that works if it pops up on the home screen eject it and put in the one that doesn't work. That worked for me... Good luck
  • Wow!!! I tried what was posted a few comments up, taking one of my older games I never play and spliting the case so I had just the disc. I put the disc back in with the back side of the case so the disc could be read without the clear side. You have to rig it though so it sits on the clip inside of the door and press lightly so the psp recognizes the disc. It loads for a while, then I just took it out and put in the game I wanted to play and...waalaaH! It Worked!!!
  • I had the same problem. However, going through the initial setup of the PSP seems to be working so far. But now my game (GTA: Liberty City Stories) is skipping more frequently it's just as annoying as not reading the disc. Any thoughts on this one?
  • My cousin had the same problem. He had to take it back to sony and got a fixed one. The problem with the Psp was that the laser's red light wasn't turning on and the laser was just hitting the left side over and over again. You would have to send it to sony and maybe get another psp they ask you a lot of stuff like proof of purchase and if you still have everything that it came with. So, just call them and get another one.
  • Well what worked for me was that i pushed the umd really hard in and the psp readed it.
  • But if that doesnt work you can take it to sony and wait months for it to arrive or repair yourself byuing the psp laaser lens on ebay or something. I actually have that piece on my house, new, wich i bought to fix it but it sudenly started working. If u want to i can sell it to u. Email me at
  • you should probably just buy a new reader on ebay there cheap.
  • i hate this sony product i have tried every single thing that any of these websites have told me but it still doesn't work i want to play socom online very badly but just as i got my headsets my psp stops reading the discs i tried 3 more discs they are say disc cannot be read
  • my psp is not reading disc any advice
  • Today it happenned to me. My psp had the following message:this disk could not be read.I thought the umd lenses were damaged ,but a friend told me that i had to go to security settings to turn off the parental control level. Yesterday i was playing the same game,in the same level and it let me play fine. It seems that it doesnt matter if you turn it on or not,the game will affect the settings itself again. So turn it off and enjoy it. ANGEL,11 yrs
  • try taking the battery out and leave the psp sitting without the battery 4 ten minutes.then put it back in....see if this works
  • You know what you have to do go to system settings on your psp and chose restore psp settings then after your done put in the umd and it should work unless your lazer is broken (which i thought at first)
  • mines is doing the exact same tried what everyone suggested but nothing seems to work everything on psp works fine exept trying to load games and films
  • my name is prince i understand wat yall r trying 2 do but u got everything rong i had da same problem n i fix da problem k first open the umd insert then there is a laser dat reads da umd k urs my be dirty k clean it den ders a white thing dat moves push it down ur psp might go low but is k charge it den put ur umd bak in n ur game works
  • I rang sony And the guy told me to take out the battery for 30 seconds And then put it back in I thought he was talkin crap He said it resets the system. But it worked That was after bringing it back to the shop They wanted 100 euros to fix it Hope it works for ya
  • I pulled out the battery as someone below had suggested and while I had the battery out I cleaned the laser as someoneelse had said. Turned it on and crossed my fingers. It worked. Thanks! hope this helps someone else too
  • My 9 year old grandson had a similar problem. We removed the battery and then put it back in after one minute and bingo Divinity was kind and let it work.
  • I pushed in the middle of the UMD to snap the disc inside in place. This worked right away after having problems with some UMD's playing while others didn't. Make sure the plastic cover on the front is in place after you push it in.

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