• Which people are you referring to? I personally have never heard anybody utter anything this stupid. Edit: would the little coward who handed me the -5 on Oct. 31 care to back it up with an explanation?? Didn't think so.
  • hat is your evidence? I never heard such a thing. Maybe they were jealous.
  • I haven't heard that to be the case, yet I might be able to understand why that was once said and at least once true. Many military men and women marry before going off on tour in Iraq and whatnot and they grow overseas while their spouse(s) grow stateside and they inadvertently grow apart. Spending so much time overseas even while they are technically married, they feel single and can't resist the red light district.
  • Semper Fidelis ("Always Faithful") happens to be the motto of the U.S. Marine Corps. Maybe you've been living in backwards world;)
  • Marines are very loyal to the Corps.
  • Because they've already taken an oath of fidelity... to the Corps.
  • I'm talking about to their spouses, and where I live is right next to a marine base, and here Marines are known to be extremly unfaithful to their girlfriends, or wives.
  • Mine is faithful and he couldn't live without anyone else but me :)
  • Hey rezm! I live 2-3 minutes outside of Quantico Marine Core Base. Alot of the soldiers here are pretty close to their spouses. My neighbor is a Marine and he's pretty nice actually. Granted, his wife says its hard seeing him away for months before he comes back, but i think in the end Marines are alot more faithful then the rest of us. Idk why but it seems like because they are Marines they have a higher maturity, like they are harder focused. Around where you live though idk. Im talking of the Marines around where i live in Virginia and thats living 30 min. from the capitol so lots of marines lol.
  • My Marine husband is loyal to me and doesn't believe in cheating. He's a good guy! My kind of guy! I don't know about the others.
  • I have heard many rumors of recruits signing up for a job when their recruiters gave off an impression that they would for sure get the job but ended up not getting it. That may have been their own fault for not paying attention. I don't know, but I know that one of my best friends enlisted and a group of people who had applied for a certain job were all told at the same time that it was no longer an option to have the same job and they were all given the option I think to either leave the military, switch branches or stay in the Marines. That sounds fair. My friend chose to join the Air Force.
  • i was in the Marines for six years and many of them were cheaters, male and female. sometimes we'd be only a couple hours in to a deployment and they'd be on the prowl at the airport. why do they cheat? aside from the fraternal atta-boy attitude toward conquesting, i think some reasons are: youth frequent lengthy separations from loved ones stress alcohol boredom and an availability of women/men who love to be with cheaters in uniform having said that, NOT ALL MARINES ARE CHEATERS. i never cheated on my Marine (though i was tempted), i've known lots of Marines who were loyal to their significant others.
  • ...Richard Simmons.
  • I guess I'll be the honest one and take the heat for my answer. I served in the Marines from 98-03. I had a lady back home and I was 18-23 years old in the service. It's nice to say that we are all good people and we will never do anything to hurt anyone that we care about...but lets be honest now. In 5 years, I was home for 5 months. Can anyone that didn't serve in the military tell me that they would go 11 months at a tim without being sexually active if it was avoidable? From 18-23, I was all over the world away from my friends and family, my gfriend, my life. I made a new life in the Corps and I was dedicated to it. One of the perks of that job was going to cities where the women loved the men in uniform and there were no commitments. I slept with many women from many bars from many countries....never because I cared about them and never because I hoped for a long term relationship. I was just trying to get some much needed relief. If anyone says "you could have used your hand"...not for 5 years I couldn't. It is a fact that many servicemen and women is also a fact that none of them care about the women they are with (not that this is justification) I understand that many people will DR me for saying this but I am being honest. After I got out and I had lost my gf (for her cheating on me ironically), I realized that the chauvanism wasn't the way to go. I became a committed man to one woman, I reaffirmed my religious beliefs and have been happy ever since. I wouldn't change anything about it though. Going through that taught me what it means to be faithful and the importance of it. I had to mess up to learn...I love my wife very much and I will never cheat on her, but had I not gone through what I did...maybe I wouldn't see it in the same light.
  • When someone is faithful to one thing its hard to be faithful to another thing. I'm not saying that Marines aren't faithful to their loved ones or anything. Because my marine is faithful to me, granted i'm sure he's been tempted, I know that i've been tempted. I know a lot of Marines and almost all of them are faithful. Its all in how the person is not how the Marines are.

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