• No. They learn it by being around scum all the time.
  • No. Cops are usually very caring people, and it is one of the reasons why they chose law enforcement in the first place. When you have to deal with idiots and scum bags on a daily basis, you tend to get grumpy.
  • hmm, tough one. Though I might tend to agree that the previous answers are plausible, that really caring people become police, I had the opposite experience here. The 4 or 5 people I know from school who became cops were brain-dead jocks who took pleasure in making fun of people, beating people up and just general bullying. Also, it wasn't that hard a job to get.
  • No. But, they see a lot of crap day after day and see a lot of lies and cruelty. No person can see that for a long period of time and not harden up.
  • I tend to avoid them at all costs, they scare me. I dont think they are mean but I avoid them.
  • I think some might become cops because they want that sense of power and then they abuse it and think they're superior
  • No, I just think they are constantly used to people treating them like garbage. There are nicknames that even allude to them being terrible! Some are crooked, but many are not. I was pulled over by a cop for the first time recently (I think he thought I was of a troublesome climate bcs of the street I turned down). Still, he let me go with a warning. I was grateful.
  • They're humans, like us, and while they do deal with more disturbing things than most of us, each police officer has their way of dealing with it, regardless of their training. Some good, some bad. Some professionally, some would make mobsters proud. I sort of have this contempt for cops, I don't have any kinda criminal record but I still have had to deal with them a lot when I was younger, some are total a holes, and others were super nice. I've seen a bit how some work, what they really think and some of the things they do, and aside from attributing the police and justice systems as a mere cooperation in my opinion, even if not always willingly intending on the system's part, it's not much different from regular human nature, I wouldn't think anyways, only mutated by the profession itself, and the rights they have-as well as some rights they DON'T have. I guess it depends, and there are a lot of things to consider. But no, I don't think they're inherently mean, despite whatever psychological fortitude or disposition which might draw them all to the profession, if any.
  • My first law class in college, the professor stated 'if cops weren't cops, they'd be criminals' - What do you think?
  • the profession attracts a certain type, yes
  • Some are because they got into it for the wrong reasons to begin with. But most are not. I like most police officers and only have run in's with the occasional gun jockey, chip on his shoulder, jerk. I believe the same about some Military people... Some of them just dont know how to be civillians at the end of the day and treat everyone as though they are somehow benegth them. Not all, but some do.
  • Some are some are not and they are just a reflection of society as a whole.
  • Only some of them. Most of them don't like to take shit though.
  • People who are insecure and have personalities that make them want to prove themselves, wear a uniform, carry a gun and be able to order people around, are often drawn to occupations like law enforcement. Fortunately many of them never make it through the training, and end up being private security or prison guards instead.
  • I wouldn't be a cop for all the money in the world. What a thankless job. Thank-you to all the cops out there. I hope you live long and see your grandchildren married.
  • Some - like any other profession, no? ;-)
  • I have yet to have a good experience with them. I am having to deal with them right now. My car was stolen last night. I think that someone I let stay in my house and then had a hell of a time getting rid of stole my spare key. The car was found, but the thief had a key (the key I use is still on my key chain). He claims he knows me and I let him borrow the car. I have no idea who the guy is, but suspect the key came form the ass who stayed at my house. My car has now been impounded for 90 days because this guy had no licence, and the cops refuse to believe the car was stolen. They actually said I could be charged with public mischief for reporting the car stolen. I have no criminal record and have never had any run-ins with the cops that woould make them question my character. The situation is so screwed can`t get my head around it. I am meeting with the watch supervisor tonight. So at this moment, yes, cops are assholes.
  • Maybe they get it from dealing with people who ask questions like THIS every day?
  • They're like the rest of us, with a job to do. +4
  • I have seen good ones and I have seen assholes as well.Just because they wear uniforms does not make them angels.They need to earn respect from the public,and it is not just given to them because of a uniform.They are just a cross section of society and there will be a percentage of jerks,as in some other professions.
  • No, but I think the profession attracts many bad eggs. I didn't used to feel that way but I have classes with many criminal justice students. I would say three fourths of them are going into law enforcement for all the wrong reasons. The real eye opener for me was an ethics class taught by a former cop. The class discussions and the after class ones really made me wonder about these kids. (Before you jump me for jumping to conclusions: It's not just the classes but my cumulative experience that has lead me to this conclusion.)

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