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  • Obama is what we usually get, the lesser of evils. (I'm sure I'll be DR'ed for this answer. >sigh<)
  • I was never a strong Obama supporter. And I've reluctantly given up on McCain. . Experience isn't the only factor here - if it were McCain would be the clear choice. But when comparing Obama and Palin - O's been in the Senate for a couple years giving him limited exposure and experience to Washington - but far more than Palin's. . Also, I'm convinced Obama is a bright guy. I ain't saying Palin is dumb, but nothing so far has made me think she's very smart either. +6
  • Obama gets no scrutiny? i don't believe that.. anyway.. I can't anwser your question. they are all Manchurian Candidates anyway... we're doomed... the government and bankers are having their way with us..
  • Obama is not a dumb shit though.
  • Here's the thing. McCain has a ton of experience and a proven leader. Palin is a remarkable woman with a ton of potential. What she may lack in experience won't matter because she can learn from McCain who can groom her for the next 8 years to be a great president. To me that is a good plan. I also agree about Obama, he is not a proven leader and just a poor choice for many reasons.
  • logical choice???? perhaps insane choice
  • I don't have a problem with Palin's level of experience, I have a problem with positions she takes on issues. I do think that Obama is the best choice in this election.
  • One man's campaign consists of promoting solutions. Another man's campaign consists of attacking the man that's promoting solutions. Such a difficult choice. -
  • No scrutiny? The man can't fart without someone having something to say about it;)

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