• You can start by filing a formal complaint with your god, if you don't have one, I'm sure the Christians won't mind if you use theirs. Anyone, it's all god's fault because he made people nekkid in the first place. If he had meant for them to be running around with clothes and shoes and wigs and shit, he would have made them with those on
  • i think what the person below is trying to say is you cant complain to anyone about naked people being sent to you via email. so your best bet is to be disappointed with the person you sent it too. just some advice dont give out your email to random web sites...that is your best bet of not getting those kind of emails.
  • Ignore what you don't like/agree with just the same as in real life :o)
  • What do you want to complain about? That you understand that there are pictures of naked people or that you haven't found them yet. If the former, just don't go looking and if the latter DO go looking. ;-)

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