• The owner of the home, so on foreclosures it's almost always a bank. If you have a badly taken care of foreclosed home in your area call your local PD non-emergency number and file a complaint, a Neighborhood preservation unit officer should swing by and check it out, and might even fine the bank, which should get them to hire someone to maintain it.
  • No one. Bank REOs are sold only on an "as-is" basis. Any incidental expenses such as city mandated inspections, delinquent utility bills, etc. are paid by the seller (usually paid by the listing agent and expensed to the seller). All deferred maintenance becomes the responsibility of the buyer. Period. It MAY be possible to obtain a mortgage which will escrow rehabilitation expenses (at 150% of cost), monitored by the title company after closing. These are becoming exceedingly difficult to obtain, however.
    • Roaring
      And that's why there should be a law that forecloses on the banks that neglect those properties(plus monthly fees) and the municipality's expense fully compensated by the resale of that property
    • mushroom
      That is, unless the Sherriff seizes the property for back taxes and sells it. Try and get the municipality to pay for maintenance.
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