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  • Look, most of us guys are pretty simple. It doesn't need to be a "Freaky Sexual" thing. Just tell him that you love his dick. That you want to: Suck it, stroke it, lick it, smack it, feel it. Tell him you want him to lay on his back and let you rub oil all over his body and dick. Then do it! We are very easy to please, we just want to hear that you think we are sexy and that you want to have sex with us.
  • tell him things like how he makes you feel. tell him you want him in you, tell him tell him "you've got me all excited now, and you've got to do something about it" just simple things... they just want to hear that you want them
  • Of course if I were your boyfriend, what he is saying to you would actually be a signal that I was submissive and wanting you to be in control, and probably would revolve around "freaky" stuff as you put it. I would be trying to convince you to do stuff to me that is not normal, so if thats what you think he may be hinting at, heres some ideas that I would love my gf to try on me! - Bend over and tell him he has to lick your asshole. Make him do it for a long time. Then get him to give you oral. Then leave him unsatisfied for a few days. - Smother his face with your pussy whilst he is giving you oral. Do this so he cant breath for a short while, then after a small breath, do it again. Keep doing this till he makes you cum and then again leave him unsatisfied. - Make him dress in your underwear and masturbate for you in a place in your home but where he could be seen by a passer by - Force him to wear your underwear out and about with you - Make him lick up his own cum after letting him cum on your tits - Suck him off and then spit the cum back into his mouth - Cover his cock in toothpaste, then splash hot candle wax all over it - Fuck him in the ass with a strap on or dildo, then make him lick it I would guess that all of these are probably the types of thing he is wanting from you by raising it in this way

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