• Probably Radcliffe. He's already branching out into other projects, stage, etc. A lot of the best actors started out as stage performers and went to film later on (Ian McKellen, Ron Perleman, etc. etc.) and I can definitely see Daniel Radcliffe starting out in film, going to stage, and maybe even coming back to film with a lot more to distinguish him as a serious actor than having played Harry Potter.
  • I don't know if any of them will. Harry Potter did a photo shoot that turned a lot of people off. I already forgot what the other two look like. I'm sure they will all have careers, but I don't see any of them winning an Academy Award.
  • I see Rupert being more an average guy. Emma's going to do porn in 10 years and Daniel is going to be full of himself.
  • daniel radcliffe most probably. given the worldwide success of the movies, hes a shoein for more roles in the future. his long term professional success on his adaptability and making sure he doesnt get typecast. a surefire sign of success is the spoof ~ theyre already spoofing young daniel. heres a hilarious video courtesy of sweet t!
  • I would think Daniel Radcliffe, mostly because he seems to have more interest in acting as a career. Maybe theatre? Another person that is widely overlooked in the movies which I think will have a bit of professional success is Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy). He's already doing a few independent films as well as his background before Harry Potter. Not to mention that he's extremely talented.
  • As far as I know, Emma Watson isn't doing as much. She also doesn't catch my attention and it'll be much easier to typecast her after this movie is over (atleast if she doesn't hurry up and get mroe roles). Daniel Radcliffe will probably be well off when it comes to acting, if he keeps it up. And I thikn Rupert Grint will do well too...but roles will kinda be limited with the "look" he has.

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