• I'm gonna go with sleep apnea, because it is more likely to kill you than insomnia.
  • depends sleep apnea can kill you thats true but so can insomnia. If you go without sleep too long your brain basically malfunctions and that can kill you too
  • Sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can keep your roommate up, NICK!
  • sleep apnea. you stop die. With insomnia, eventually your body will get so tired you will fall may not sleep much but you will sleep.
  • Insomnia. It is more common. It can take several days and each day gets worse that the day before.
  • I think sleep apnea is more dangerous.
  • I know sleep apnea can be dangerous, even deadly. I've never dealt with that, but I do have problems with insomnia. I pretty much never feel rested.
  • I have insomnia and it sucks, but sleep apnea has to be worse because you are sleeping but not getting recharged :-/
  • On the selfish side, insomnia is worse. You sleep through sleep apnea with less mental distress. To the person you are sleeping with, though....
  • Insomnia sucks and I would recommend therapy, seriously. Sleep apnea is physical. Involves loss of oxygen and is overall much scarier to deal with, I think.
  • Healthwise.. They are probably both the same.. Sleep Apnea is depriving you of proper air.. and can make you sick, and cause you heart problems. Insomnia .. well you heal while you are sleeping, and you can easily become sick if you don't sleep at all.. I would say they are about equal.
  • Sleep apnea is much more serious as it can be deadly. Someone can die from it and it's very hard to deal with and cure. My husband had it for many years quite bad and I used to stay awake (the insomnia part) to make sure he would start breathing again whenever he stopped.
  • Sleep apnea aside from increasing the chances of heart disease, obesity and other problems, can by itself be fatal.
  • Sleep apnea
  • How is there even a question in your mind on this? Sleep apnea will kill you if left untreated.
  • I've had both, where the worst of them is the insomnia. For me, that made certain times like 2 o'clock be a hit you hard sleepy. Not so hard a hit but an all day low sleepy with my apnea.
  • I have both as well, and its a hard call. The sleep apnea has been constant and ongoing for over ten years. The insomnia was temporary. Another caveat being if you take sleep meds for the insomnia and your CPAP machine malfunctions for any reason you might never wake up. At least that's what the doc said. The sleep apnea was pretty much cured with the use of the CPAP, at least I THINK it was! lol. Insomnia can make you forget words... like ketchup! lol At least I did when I was on day 3 with no sleep. But I don't think I've ever gone more than 3 days at a time with no sleep. Then again on chemo I've slept for days at a time, too. Sleep is good! You never appreciate a thing so much as when you have to do without it!
  • sleep apnea can kill you in your sleep ,so i say sleep apnea
    • Linda Joy
      I was thinking that, too. But when I looked it up they said you're 17 times more likely to die if you have sleep apnea, but "After conducting a 40-year study at the University of Arizona, researchers have concluded that people experiencing chronic insomnia have a 58% increased risk of premature death."

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