• Lambrusco is sweet. I'm no expert. I know it's not too expensive. Try looking for ice wines from the Niagara area.
  • Martin and Weyrich Moscato Allegro is a very good wine for a minimal cost. ($10-12) Icewine is probably as sweet as it gets as far as wine goes, though. Try a Rudolph Muller Riesling Icewine if you can find one.
  • Ice wine is the sweetest wine I've had. Muscat is another sweet one as is Semillon. Those are dessert wines though.
  • I like Taylor's sweet red wine new york. But i can't find it anymore have they changed there name. I bought it in a gal bottle
  • I don't know but I love Riesling too!
  • For white wine, try Chateau Yquem if you can afford it -- or any other Sauternes if you can't. As for sweet red wine, try Port.
  • Any wine that calls itself Mead, Muscat, Sherry or Port will be a very sweet, dessert wine. I wouldn't recommend them for the main meal, but Riesling and Sauternes are good. The wine coolers and flavored wines that are being produced now are very sweet for those used to drinking sodas.
  • Syrah is on the sweeter side for a dinner wine. It is red. White Rhone wine is a sweet dinner white wine,[Marsanne and Rousanne grapes].
  • Spaniel (above) is right about Chateau D'Yquem. As for red, try a vintage (not off the rack) port, say from Taylor, say, 1973. Both are VERY expensive. Meanwhile, it may interest you to know that (1) the proprietor of D'Yquem drinks his wine with dinner evey night, maintaining that it is the ONLY wine that compliments both his fish and fowl;(2)the proprietor of Taylor (in Portugal) has drunk an entire bottle of his wine every day since his thirteenth birthday - some seventy yeas ago!
  • Wine is only as sweet as the sugar content in the grapes from which they're made (a product of ripeness), combined with how far fermentation is allowed to progress (fermentation turns sugars into alcohol). There are, however, (mostly white) wines which are bone dry, but can smell or taste sweet, due to their aromatic characteristics -- like muscat, sauvignon muscet, chardonnay musque, gwertzraminer.
  • In white wines you can look for late harvest wines. they are allowed to ripen on the vine this will create more sugar in the fruit. Look for Muscat, Ice wine, late harvest. In most wine sections you will see these wines grouped together. Also, since the sweet desert wines are meant to be sipped in small quantities they are often sold in half bottles. You may also like Port wine, this is a red wine that is also sweet. Try a Ruby Port as the Tawney may have a acidic taste to someone who is looking for a sweet taste. Cheers

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