• It means he's thinking, "I'm interested in this person, but I know nothing about them. I'll go about finding out about them by asking them!". You see, there is no ulterior motive. There is no secret, or hidden meaning. Maybe the guy simply wants to know more about you, so he'll ask you!
  • Usually that he would like you to tell him something about yourself. Maybe because he is interested in knowing more about you. I am female so could of course be completely wrong in my assumption
  • He wants to know if you've ever had sex with a woman.
  • I wouldn't read anything too deep into it. It just means share something with him that you feel is interesting about you...Just a way of him getting to know you better. it doesn't have to be a deep secret or anything amazing. Just information.
  • He wants to know something not many people know about you which means he wants to get to know you better and he probably likes you a lot.
  • It means that he is interested in you and wants to know more about you.
  • It means that everything you have said to him so far has been boring but he really fancies you so is giving you one last chance to impress.
  • Most (NOT all) guys simply don't care about anything at all unless it contains food or sex... so for the simple fact that he's taking the initiative to get to know you means he likes you in some way or another.
  • To me it sounds like a job interview question. Maybe he is looking for a receptionist at his law firm?
  • I've had guys use that line on me before. The first thing it told me was that they were gay! Seriously though, it can mean one of two things; 1) You somehow caught their interest and they can't think of a way to express their sincere interest in getting to know you better, or at least striking up a conversation. This is about how I met my wife, so it isn't always a bad thing. 2) They are faking #1 in the hopes of deceiving their way into your pants. It's hard to tell which is which sometimes though.
  • He wants to see if you are interesting at all! Tell him something cool-
  • It means he's stuck for some conversation topic and wants to take the pressure off and get you talking - I'm guessing it's a shyness thing, or maybe he feels he's talked too much and now it's your turn. Good luck!
  • LOL Simply tell him something interesting, and then in turn ask him the same. Casual conversation is a great way to open up areas in a new relationship. Dont forget, give him total eye contact, and a hair flip wouldnt hurt either LOL
  • I may be slightly off with this, but in my experience it has meant, "What's the craziest thing you've done in bed" or "Did you and your girlfriends ever fool around". I know, sounds like a gross generalization.
  • It means he is honestly interested in having a conversation. It used to be a pickup line but with Aids, Sars , Sids, and Delta people can't afford to have sex with a stranger anymore.
  • Most likely it means the guy is trying to start a conversation. The ability to converse with someone is a way to build relationships.
  • He's asking you to share a funny or interesting personal story. If there is a particular context to the request, it's probably obvious what sort of undertone there is to the request. Everyone is different, though, so there's a chance that he is telling you to stand on your head and quack like a duck, but highly unlikely.

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