• I dont think I have ever heard of an officer asking for help, but if he did I would help ! I`m sure somehow I would get in trouble for it, but I usually dont think very far in those situatons so I would definitely rush to help!
  • I would try to help.
  • I grab the suspect and kick his ass until the officer can get the cuffs on. I saw a video of a cop in Mass. struggling with a suspect and the suspect was trying to get the officers gun. People just kept walking and driving by. It pissed me off to see that. I would have stopped and did what I just mentioned.
  • I would help, of course. It would be my responsibility, in my eyes.
  • If you are the helpful type, help the officer. But what if the suspect has a needle on him or what if he decides to bite you. You can contract HIV or any other disease. You have to judge each situation. If you choose to risk you safety, be prepared to live with the consequences. The job of an officer is not an easy one.
  • i would help him out or you could be arrested for not helping

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