• Depends on the distance they are traveling. Do they slow down or speed up? Or does it stay consistant?
  • the closing rate is 100 MPH. According to the question there is no change of speed as the two vehicles approach one another. Two vehicles on a highway of two or more lanes do not collide (usually) but pass safely in their own lane. If one vehicle is going at 50 mph and one going in the opposite direction at 60 mph then the closing speed is 110 mph. This is why head-on collisions are so deadly. Many years ago there was an informational page of what happens to a vehicle traveling at 60 mph collides with a large tree. It takes from the instant the front bumper touches the tree and continues moment by moment until the car stops. This was written when cars still had bumpers and did not have air bags. I wish I could find a copy of this information.

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