• I tell my kids happy birthday the minute they wake up that morning. I do not make them what until after they were born to consider that their birthday.
  • Your mother will always remember the exact time you were hatched. i was Dec. 16th at 8:00 P.M. My mother has always told me that you are not a year older, until the time you actually took your first breath. Some say otherwise. its up to the individual person.....and when they want to receive their birthday gifts. I usually cannot wait.
  • I reckon it's at 12.00am. That would be the day you were born. Plus, I can never remember what time I was born anyway.
  • No. Your birthday is an exact measurement of years after you were born. Technically, the exact minute you were born constitutes your birthday. In the law, the date of your birth as documented can serve to indicate age. You do not turn, say 30, after it is 12:00 am. You turn that age at the exact time you were born, however, in most cases if it is the day of your birth people don't care about such a technicality.
  • i was born at 12:12 am, so it's usually not too much of a concern for me. technically, your real age is determined when the time of your actual birth hits. usually for things like public records (and especially for going out at 12am on your 21st in the US) it's just easier to go by when the date hits.
  • For legal reasons its 12 am.
  • probably whenever you want to
  • When will people realize 12:01 is the beginning of the day? 12:00 is the last minute of the previous day. You turn your age the minute your birth DATE occurs. No where but in astrology do the minutes or hours count.. Does your drivers license list your birth hour?

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