• I don't get a chance to miss husband plays Peter, Paul and Mary records (yes, I said records) at least once a week.
  • There are times I wish I was alive during that time. Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, Neil Young, etc...all great bands.
  • "vinyl" Mr. Max. The "big black ones" are 33-1/3 speed. Heard of the little black ones with the big hole in the middle? They are 78 speed. Glad your history teacher has a handle on some of the gems of the past. ;>
  • Well, it was nice. I don't miss it too much though. The music was a little bit too cleaned up and slickly delivered. Beats the disco ear by 456 songs, though!
  • Universal Soldier -- Bob Dylan --- ~Nemo~
  • Yes, like ..... Gordon Lightfoot - "If You Could Read My Mind"
  • Not really. The only song i really liked was "Walk Right In".
  • Yes. A lot of good songs like .... The Brothers Four - "Greenfields"
  • I miss the Folk Era -- so many memories. Here's a few songs by the artists that you mentioned: Where Have All The Flowers Gone -- Peter, Paul and Mary Blowing In The Wind -- Joan Baez
  • Yes, I do - but I was very young then. What I miss is listening to songs which have a message, where the words were important too - it was not just a case of throwing words at a rhythmic beat to enhance a dance experience. It was stuff you could listen to. I absolutely loved Barclay James Harvest - but really am at a loss to choose onbe favourite - they were perhaps not as folky as the ones you mention - rock band with folk / classical influences - and were recording from 1966 onwards ( I was only 3 then). But they have the kind of characteristics you are looking for - songs with meaning and a message (oh, and they had long hair).Maybe this one typifies some elements of their repertoire, although the concert in Berlin has got to be the big one for them (1981)
  • "Green, Green" !!! The New Christy Minstrels. I swear they could release that single every year and it'd be a hit.
  • Not really. Other than Bob Dylan at the Newport Festivals ('63 and maybe '64...Just a Pawn in Their Game. I forget which years exactly....before he went electric anyway.) Other than that my folk music listening goes more towards, 'In Country: Folk Songs of Americans in the Vietnam War'. Truly moving CD considering all the trash talking that was going on back home, while these brave people were over there laying their lives on the line for a cause many of them didn't truly understand. A CD REALLY worth checking out. Especially the Boonie Rat Song.
  • I was at "Outback" a chain restaurant and i told the 20's something to give the tunes "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" and "My Boomerang Won't Come Back" a try. "SO we tanned his hide when died Clyde, and thats it a hanging on the shed ! ...All together now, Tie me kang...." and "I'm a big disgrace to the aborigine race , my boomerang won't come back."
  • I think the "folk revival" vibe of the early `60's is due to make a comeback. PBS featured all the old folkies on one of their recent broadcasts, and there is also that neat movie "A Mighty Wind" which is about folk music. The Ramblin' Jack Eliott documentary film is also doing well. Then there is the increasing popularity of coffee houses and "open mic" sessions, where the old songs you mentioned are very popular.

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