• Some DVD players have a switch that allows you to choose video or s-video output. You could check the position of the switch (if you have one). Your audio cables may be good but your video cable could be bad (I assume you are using a standard three cable setup with colored hoods: right audio red, left audio white and video yellow). Your DVD player could be defective. These are the possiblilities that come immediately to mind.
  • DVD players by nature are designed to operate on channel 4, or 3. You may need an RF converter if you already have a VCR, etc on that band.
  • Make sure the YELLOW band cable is attached to VIDEO of both the player(sender) and your TV(reciever).
  • When connecting a DVD player there will be three seperates cables connected marked by color...A red(R), white(W), and yellow(Y), R,W control audio and Y control the visual. When connecting the chords be sure that cables are plugged into the right port....they should be color coated to their port
  • On most DVD players, they will not work if you route them through the VCR. This is a copyright protector, that way you can't record a DVD to VHS. If you hook it up through a RF Modulator ($30 from Radioshack) and directly to the TV, you should be in business. All the other answers are correct as well, make sure you have the colors matching on both sides.
  • the wire for video which you plug in the back or front of the TV may be broken go to the shop you bought it from and ask

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