• It refers to how fine or coarse the fabric is. It's measured by counting the number of threads in a single square inch of fabric. More threads means finer thread, and a more quality fabric.
  • Also the type or source of the thread is considered. For example you can have cotton, or Organic Cotton; or you can have Egyptian Cotton...thought by many to be THE preferred choice to pick. Personally, I just want em soft!
  • the higher the number, the more threads per square inch. obviously the more threads per square inch, the smoother the texture thus resulting in a softer and cooler sheet. By the way seems that the higher the thread count, the more the sheets WRINKLE!!!
  • if you have i high thread count it also means more threads to pull. my cats loved the high thread count sheets....... the made pulls just by walking over it! which of course they did more often than normal so they could play with the string in the pulls. so be carful!!!!!!
  • Higher thread count means higher quality..and higher price.
  • I agree with the above answer, but also in general the larger the thread count the softer the sheet.
  • Also, the higher TC, the heavier the sheet will become. For an explanation click here (all about thread count on the bottom)
  • The lower the thread count, the more apt to "pilling" sheets become. Pilling is when the little fibers of the sheet kind shred and create a hard, round bump that is very uncomfortable to lie on.
  • not sure

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