• Other parents are deluded about things like this.
  • Because they are THEIR Kids, they made them so to them they are beautiful no matter what anyone thinks
  • thats just because they love their children so much....I really do have the MOST beautiful children in the world though :-D
  • :O Does this mean I'm not actually a beautiful child!? Pride? :3
  • Because true love changes how you look at someone. Have you ever seen an ugly couple in love? They look at each other like they're Brad and Angelina. That's what love does to you.
  • I don't really think that most parents make that claim. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when the beholder sees part of themself or their spouse it is not that surprising they would find that attractive.
  • they are all either lying, or crazy...because my daughter is the MOST beutiful!
  • Because in their eyes, they are. My mum says I'm beautiful, don't you be ruining it ;)
  • Because a parent's children is always the most beautiful. I'm glad it is this way.
  • It's like when you're in a relatioship and you think your boyfriend/girlfriend is the best thing out there. Love comes over you, and makes you live in your own reality. Like the saying "Blinded by love."
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have seen some very ugly children but they each had their own beauty anyway, so I didn't have to lie....LOL....One of my kids was just normal looking, she is now drop dead gorgeous...My Grandmother would say..."Beautiful babies make ugly street ladies." still cracks me up.....So it is not all parents that say this...but for the most part when their yours they are in your eyes...
  • its a Parent thing, when you have a kid of your own your kid is the world to you and its the moust beautiful thing god could possibly can bring you,it Dosent matter what other kid loks nice you are so inlove with yours that that is the only beauty you see your son and that is a good thing at least you can tell that Parent loves there kid. I am sure if you have one the same thing will hapen to you and people would say the same question you are asking, that is when you will realise that is a parent love
  • Because they haven't met MY children yet. MINE are the MOST beautiful ever!!!
  • My parents never thought that, they had already seen the rest of you ;)
  • Because to them they are.
  • I have three good-looking children but one of them in particular is continually told by friends and strangers alike how beautiful she is, how she'd make a good model, should enter beauty contests etc. She is aware of the advantages of being physically beautiful, but never stands on ceremony, is willing at the drop of a hat to play the fool, and is much happier arm-wrestling with some guy than she is hanging off his arm. And THAT's my idea of beautiful. (And yes, to my eyes, all my children are equally beautiful, physically, mentally and emotionally.)
  • Not all parents make that claim. But I would say it is because they are able to see past the physical to what is underneath, that which makes a person who they really are. Others just see the physical.

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