• Not me bud +5
  • Dont worry, im on the case The Boss.. +6
  • not me...I don't DR (because I know longer care enough to---not a statement about you but just about the system in general)....don't sweat the DR's though..they will never ID themselves...because you are probably right...but then, who cares? I think that chronic DR'ers are people who feel powerless in life and this somehow gives them a feeling of power...and how pathetic is that!!! --to get a feeling of power to give someone a -4 on a point game where the points really mean nothing..... :) again--don't sweat it....
  • Not Me Boss +5
  • not me, whoever they are they're getting what the want from you, a reaction.
  • That stinks dude. Wow. I'll boost your points whenever I see possible. But I can't do that much right now with my little power.
  • it is a weekend and for some reason on the weekend the trolls run rampant. Sadly, they have no life and get a kick out of doing it. It only hurts has no bearing on our score thankfully. Welcome to weekend troll Hell
  • Me neither Boss +5! :D
  • not me, i wouldn't down on some one because ia sked them how they feel on a subjuect and they told me the truth. thats just bull shit.
  • Just be proud that you have the ability to express opinions that are not universally popular, it demonstrates that you have a mind of your own. From your use of the word 'liberal' I deduce that you are from the USA, so perhaps you ought to feel grateful that you live in a country where even the people you define as liberal are politically right-wing.
  • I'm a socialist, and I DO actually have the balls to admit that I just gave you a -3 for making a sweeping generalisation, not in any way grounded in reality or common sense.
  • How does the ideology of individual liberty being the most important goal of polotics equate to having no balls?
  • Hey Boss We all catch troll's as we gain levels it seems, the higher up we are, the more the hit. Any more I just let them roll off my back and usually just quietly mention it to one of the C.O.A.T's and they will usually take care of it. Like the saying "What goes around come around" I visited you answers and they seemed fine to me, every body has a right to their opinion and the right to points for them! this link is good for dealing with them also:
  • I got the same person. Welcome to the club;)
  • Liberals....are you kidding? They are so Tolerant. Just ask them they'll tell you....while they Downrate the opinion they had the seeds to ask you to start with so they can have the pleasure of DRing you, Cowards suck.
  • So all you have to do is complain about someone giving you a negative rating, and all these people will jump to your defense by falsely bolstering your rating? I thought ratings were meant to be about the quality of the question/answer, and not some form of epenis. Oh well, what should I expect? Give people a number, and they'll instantly start running around trying to find out who has a lower number, rather than trying to figure out how to just plain be better.
  • Bad mouthing liberals puts you in the same kind of disgusting category. You belittle a segment of society then complain about someone else not having gonads. You don't see the irony there?!

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