• no interest I guess.
  • No worries! Too many people know about the star wars kid, an over weight boy (Canadian, I think) who swung around a lightsaber pretending to be a Jedi. Just google search "star wars kid" the first couple of thousand should all be of the same movie. He managed to get fame at an aggravating proportion. The question must have reminded some trolls about it.
  • well i know about the kid but like how did he add the effects for the lighsaber?
  • The lightsaber moves in the movies are all based on real swordfighting disciplines like kendo and fencing. Look up kendo and apply what you learn there to lightsaber fighting. It's pretty much the same, except the sword glows and self-cauterizes the wounds it causes. Double-bladed lightsaber techniques, of course, must be modified from staff-fighting techniques. With the added difficulty that you can't touch the end fourths of the weapon.
  • 12-15-2006 Probably.

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